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17.11.2021 14:48
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But when this oneself love deeply of man definitely the hopeless situation speak thus ground answer, her center of earth starts next sink, had been falling till valley bottom.
Would not like to?She how can with answer ground so simply?
Because does oneself also have no at the her in the mind some position?
Ma Wei roars with laughter again and claps to begin to say:"The autumn of the leaf leaf autumn, you compare my imagination in of have to be intelligent.This was the most interesting game that I have ever played.Do you feel?"
"I don't feel to have fun so much."The autumn of the leaf shakes head.
Ma Wei turns head to looking at Tang Bu Yi and says:"That very sorry.Now that he would not like to use he ground the life change your life.That only you died."
Time of talking, from the coat pocket in touch a gun, draw back insurance to bolt, arrive on Tang Bu Yi's head.
Tang Bu Yi's wry smile not is already, this leaf autumn, also really make people cut and polish not and deeply.However the personality like this is exactly also what Tang Bu Yi appreciates, then man like this can matter in Chengkong University.Infinite kindly ground the daughter who saw one eye oneself, loudly say:"Fruit fruit, the Tang handed over to you.If you feel tired.Hand over to other people to deal with.The matter son that doesn't want to be oneself would not like to be don't force oneself."
"Dad's ground."Tang Guo Lei,such as spring, flows out.
"Good.You father the female say good-bye.After, perhaps have no thus ground opportunity."Ma Wei smiles to press.
"Release my dad ground, I would like to change with my life."Tang Guo flounces obstructing of Lin Bao Er and bodyguard and loudly threatens a way.
"?The game is really more and more have fun."Ma Wei throws the gun in the hand to Tang Guo and says:"Your need not you dies.Can open fire to kill a leaf for autumn.If if the leaf autumn died, I equally will pass your father as well."
"I am to want to have fun to die you."The Ma Wei Yi face Yin fiercely says to the leaf autumn.
"The person of inside listens to and let go of weapon and hurriedly surrender.The person of inside listens to and let go of weapon and hurriedly surrender.Otherwise we are about to open fire.This is the last warning, let go of weapon, surrender at once."Under Guo Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang's designation, a police again towards in both parties' appeal of holding the gun confrontation.
Ma Wei presents arms dynasty that police that appeal beat in the past and scolded a way:"Go to your mama of, again Suo Lao Tze polishes off him for a gun.It is dead to surrender, doing not surrender can also pull several individuals to die together.Why do I want to surrender?It has been several years since this sentence shouted so, you don't feel vexed, and I listenned to all vexed."
Good at that police clever, hide at a car behind, breathtakingly once hid this shot.Wu Bing Kan to scoundrel so overbearing, very anxious to want to take several individuals to all give to polish off they.But he knows, the commander in chief of this legal case isn't oneself today, and, he can not also undertake Tang Bu Yi to take place what trouble of responsibility.
"Is the sniper getting better enough?"Guo Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang's facial expression all ability Ning water come, his a bureau chief Ju, high-position, when does someone dare to challenge so himself/herself?These scoundrels are absolutely absolutely lawless.But, Tang Bu Yi is captured in the hand by them, and these tortoise Gao the son is to really go ahead regardless the life is doing, he momentary half will also canning not figure out of the son good counterplan.Can imprecation the sniper is hurriedly good enough, depend these dead shots long-distance leave ground to shoot~dead these guys.
"Already on the road.Probably five minutes inside can be good enough."Wu Bing gingerly answers.The sniper isn't an absolute being either, also is not likely to be like the sort playing in movie is rapid, they get an order for two minutes just, even if and immediately start out to rush through to the this place, get into mansion beneficial attack geography again, also need ten minutes one-time time.
The facial expression that just sees Guo Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang, Wu Bing is timid to say time too long.
"Urge again."Guo Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang's eyes stare at the situation of square the center, order way.
"BE."Wu Bing immediately and faithfully carried out the superior's order and stired to make a phone call to press.
Guo Zheng Zheng Qi Qi De Yang rubbed to rub a hand and had some penitence oneself come to ground too anxious.If oneself didn't walk to here.BE not is provide him with the road of choice also a little bit more?
Tang Guo looking at Ma Wei to throw to come over a ground of pistol.The facial expression becomes a ground of pallor.The hands wring together.All don't know how do just good.Ruthlessly bite off.

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