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You had better truly answer, if cheat a certificate, the top will definitely pursue of responsibility."The words of thunder-storm have to threaten sex rather and let the song idea is greatly surprised, again very depressed.
Press the truth to speak.This boy and thunder assistant meet for the first time.How does the thunder assistant help so him?
If there is also backstage on this boy, the this security corps captain of that oneself is afraid is really need to hand over to others.Can if this boy really know president's assistant.Beat hello not to come in?Still use to run to accept appointment, almost drive they to brush?
Idea 100 turn, song none of idea knows how answer just good.
"Song captain also don't make collective report to the thunder assistant the circumstance?"Zhang Zhan eccentrically says.
The song idea hesitated some kind of, backstage think of Zhang Zhan after death, in the mind a horizontal, say:"Yes, the circumstance really speaks with director piece a ground of similar.His movements is suspicious, drive our patrol personnel's detection.Then drive we to block up here."
The thunder-storm is a women, the idea is more delicate, facial expression observed a song idea to just consider naturally, it is what is the row a son, and then once turned round to ask Lyu Biao to understand in the heart, said:"Lyu Fu's captain, is the circumstance such?"
Lyu Biao Di's temperament relatively keeps, although don't dare to give offense to Zhang Zhan, also would not like to the Mei wear conscience to talk.Is black the face be stood where would not like to utter a word.
Zhang Zhan's in the mind is dark angered, the in the mind wants to when give° this boy to tidy up, but has to continue to bring pressure for him, either this time and says:"Lyu Fu's captain, how?Gave us the thunder assistant true state of matter to say."
Lyu Biao's eyes stare ground heel copper bell, shout that the ground breathes heavily thick spirit, thwart the neck says:"The autumn of the leaf is come to accept appointment, was late today, director piece saw him with a revolting feeling and kicks out he.Be return so matter son.Mama of, Lao Tze cannoted see.This breaks captain stem isn't let it be."
Zhang Zhan facial expression Yin ground ability Ning water come, looking at Lyu Biao Di's look in the eyes cruelty and cruelty, cold say with a smile:"Lyu Fu's captain, although our work up some branching.You also need not wrong so me?"
"Yes, old.Male is male, private is private, we can get a goal know.The words can not blather."The song idea pulls Lyu Biao's arm to say.
"I the cent ground is very clear.Is that you can not distinguish Chu."The Lyu Biao's coarse voice thick spirit ground says.
The thunder-storm pushes away those round a leaf autumn of bodyguard, walk to the leaf autumn in front, ask a way:"Are you to come to accept appointment bodyguard ground?"
"Yes."The autumn of the leaf nods.
"Is accepting appointment successful?"
"Yes.It is what song captain and captain lets my 8:00 for this morning come go to work."The autumn of the leaf is from the pocket in take out various related certificate.Say:"I ground the certificate all brought."
The thunder-storm connected to come over to check 1 time and said:"Director piece, the influence of this matter is very bad, your Anne makes one be written to report.I will make people carry on following to this matter."
The thunder-storm once turned round to looking at for autumn again, the leaf said:"You stay first and wait for an affair further processing.If the responsibility isn't on you, our Tang will definitely return justice to you.Captain, you don't walk, either.We will carry on finding out to the affair.If circumstance really such as you say, you even have no necessity to leave.Not rightness?"
Tang Guo then became various medium to pursue a ground of object after controled the Tang.With 20 years old of the age control more than 10,000,000,000 groups, this in China western calendar history up still a .The finance and economics medium will do cover with her photograph every day recently.The Tang's doorway will wait a reporter every day as well, as long as can clap her earth shine slice, can sell to a good price.
She is a finance and economics field to spoil son most haughtiness of the very influential andly now, the star in the businessman.
100001000 doter is a whole body, is not a happy matter son either.Tang Guo feels the ground of now everyday time Be all not enough to use, handle don't finish of official document, open can't of meeting, see not and far a person, also have-----Can not play games again.Can not wear the recreational style of clothes that oneself likes again, still will suffer from insomnia every evening.
Although have a fine makeup on the face, expensively the eye shadow blocks eyes flank that strong black eye, can Tang Guo Di's spirit is still a bit dispirited, although for keeping image diligently don't make oneself nap, the weariness on the face still a see but know.

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