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20.03.2023 02:29
These problems has to puzzle the Teng green mountain Antworten

Even he has never listenned to of material, steep in water bottom don't the slightest change for 600 years ……small Ding like this, who have ability to build out?, So does the Qiao, the previous incarnation this present life, all appear such a small Ding?
These problems has to puzzle the Teng green mountain!
"So does the Qiao, two worlds, all appear this small Ding?Or, I fore a life time wears of the small Ding, also similar to me, arrive at this world, just did it arrive more than 600 year agos?"The Teng green mountain thoughts of this, not from shake head the viewpoint of vetoing oneself, the all these is too fantastic.
BE just thinking in the brain, but the vision of Teng green mountain every moment targets this lake noodles.
Lake bottom deep place, the ray shooting down from the lake noodles is very weak.
However, in the lake bottom have one big regiment white light cover, at the light cover inside of is Deng Geng!Leave a body by inborn true dollar, around form a light cover in the body, the light covers inside at the right moment have many airs, with Deng Geng short of breath ability, this air is good enough to he is in the lake bottom for a long time for a long time.
", That treasure diagram, drive the strong that kills Wei list elder generation, take?"Deng Geng's eyebrows is wrinkly, he lowers the head, the light cover covering with just closes in the arm to bend place, the hands still soak in lake water, his hands constantly scoop out, stir up bottom silt in the lake, " turns over this lake bottom completely aught a time again say."
Deng Geng still has much of patience.
One inch inch the place one by one in order turn over to seek, some crushed stones head, putrefied corpse etc. of bird snake.
This is in the lake bottom on seeking, is a hour!But Deng Geng this is just only a big lake bottom the promise and turns over to seek a lesser half district just.
"H'm?"Deng Geng Shou is in the silt on grasping, suddenly run into a piece of hard thing, Deng Geng also has no the slightest excited, just very at will of come out hard thing Ye.Running into a hard thing in the lake bottom is too normal, bird bone Hai, rock etc. is too many, however when he a Ye come out, eyes then stare Be getting bigger.
This is the hard thing of one cube shape.
Deng Geng's hands fiercely on wiping, wipe surface layer things all clean, the ray of light that only cover of the previously innocent dollar shines in glory bottom, Deng Geng Neng is clear to see-this is a piece of and black metal slice.This is black metal one among those noodleses up, have good the knife engrave closely of line scar.
This material that acquaint with, acquaint with of line scar, excitedly tremble Deng Geng's heart.
"Ha ha, is it, is it."None of Deng Geng's hands from tremble, " black iron treasure diagram!Ha ha, this second half part of black iron treasure diagram, I iron dress door finally got!Ancestors!I iron dress door is prosperous have already hoped, ha ha, first half part of black iron treasure diagram, ancestors' more than 1,000 year agoses have to arrive.Differs this second half parts of treasure diagrams.Now, the treasure diagram unites as one, together!I iron dress door, can open legendary Yu emperor's treasure to hide!"
Deng Geng excitedly all over the Zhan Li get up.
Iron dress in the article of death front to ancestors of door all entrusts iron lord in in the past door in the dress door and never gives up to look for second half part of black iron treasure diagram!There are first half parts of treasure diagrams in iron dress door, as long as don't reveal ……that, the other people get the second half part to also open a treasure to hide.So, iron dress door wants ~only effort, the one day there will can become.
"More than 1,000 years!Ha ha ……"Deng Geng unprecedented concussion, suddenly, his vision is one Ning, " Yi, does this black iron treasure diagram still have a small word?"
In black iron treasure diagram that closely under the line scar, unexpectedly have a row of characters vestige-"must hide a treasure diagram, hard rush to then is certain to die, good treasure, need to take one Ding in nine dings, this, must bear in mind!"

Chapter 23 nine dings
Dark lake bottom, Deng Geng looking at this black iron treasure diagram that a row of characters vestige, silly eye.

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