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20.03.2023 02:34
In the lake bottom, Deng Geng Xin's bottom is anxious Antworten

From that time on ……every nine state son people, descend go to a common mountain people, up go to the somebody of eight greatest religious sects, once arriving'year fiesta'of day, all need to do obeisance a fiesta Yu emperor, do obeisance a fiesta, these nine dings.Ding also became to offer sacrifices to artifacts.
The legend of Yu emperor, nine dings, the son people of nine state the earths is each to know, year fiesta of time, who don't do obeisance a fiesta?
"The emperor of the Yu old man's house, stay this to hide treasure diagram, return come to this skill.Nine dings ……ever since that time your old man's house leaves human life, world disorderly, these nine dings can have already disappeared to have no Zong.Seem, also poem sword fairy'Lee is too white'the elder generation once got one among those dings."Deng Geng is that iron dress door enforce the law elder, concerning the elder generation superior's message knows of many.
From the thou arrive now, there is history the most fantastic, person can be juxtaposed, also four-the Zu teacher of Yu emperor, Qin Ling Tian's emperor and sakya, poem sword fairy'Lee is too white'.
"Lee too white elder generation, once got one Ding in those early years, also use that Ding, prosperous wine to drink."Deng Geng also remembers that those jot down.
Lee is too white, should be have a history the most natural and unrestrained unruly an in the greatest four personal things.Although there is the rare force of invincible world, disunity world, don't spread pupil to sign religious sect as well.Holdses one handle green lotus sword, natural and unrestrained walk world, leave a legend.With nine one of the dingses, go fetch to drink, would be an one among the legends.
At that time Lee too the white still felt deeply about:"These nine state dings, be subjected to nine state son people joss stick oblation, unexpectedly become like this miraculous.Is originally huge however one big thing, at present only a bowl of sort size, even I the green Feng swords can not harm it the slightest, magic magic!"
On nine state the earths, some religious sect somebodies, also all know these literary references.
Nine dings can diminish, and can not break the slightest!
That poem sword fairy'Lee is too white', but may compare the Yu emperor's person, even he can not also harm these nine dings, can know, nine Ding magic.
From Yu empress, numerous son people of nine state the earths, the generation generations all do obeisance fiesta Yu emperor and nine dings.The generation generation comes down and arrives at present ……in much public, those nine dings, already not only the list was artifacts, those is also the symbol of nine state the earths representative, contain nine consigning of state son people!
In the lake bottom, Deng Geng Xin's bottom is anxious.
"I iron lord in in the past door in the dress door, enforce the law elder, all have been looking for this to hide treasure diagram!Now found out, more than 1,000 years, can he the Niang ground is at this juncture, this hides treasure diagram to also remind me and also wants a Ding, common of the Ding still don't become and must be one Ding in nine dings, not is play a person!"Deng Geng urgently must really want to scold a Yu emperor, " is nine Ding magics, I how to seek iron dress door?Be in front of me, I am afraid all incognizant."
An appearance flash across in the Deng Geng brain, the that Wei the list elder generation bone Hai wears before the chest of black small Ding.
"H'm!"Deng Geng's facial expression changed, eyes also were getting brighter.
"To, rightness!"Deng Geng's concussion is thousand times, " nine Ding magics can also change size thousand times.Poem sword fairy'Lee is too white'get of one Ding, ability as bowl size, that the nature can also become as if finger size!No wonder that, that Wei's list is personal to wear that small Ding!"
"And this small Ding, soak hundreds of years in Shui-li, also have no lousy, don't also living green Tai etc..Originally I think to is a precious material and see now, ha ha, the ability row is nine dings, this small Ding steeps in Shui-li, again how can lousy?"
Deng Geng more wants to more feel right.
That Wei's list but inborn gold Dan superior, how so Qiao, wear such geezer small Ding?And Wei's list at the right moment gets this second half part to hide treasure diagram ……once each other combine, completely can reason logically.Wei list because hide treasure diagram, would cautiously look for small Ding.Occasionally get, certainly personal wear!

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