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"I just once ate thing, prepare to drive to return to.Pour out to a car ground time, see a person lying underneath at my car-----Be not, lie on the underground.I shouted along while.He ignores.Is icy cold on the body----I didn't know to take place what matter.Police comrade, I don't know he is how drill my car underneath.Parking of time he can not at-I have never bumped him as well."The driver stammers out a way, the person lies underneath at his car, if don't say clearly, afraid is oneself to want to succeed in escaping a relation.
"Have already gone to go.Where is the person ?"The fat police interrupts driver ground words to say.The person who towards a store inside says:"The legal case didn't investigate clearly before.Who also forbid to leave."
The fat police says and made a telephone call.Immediately after, the store inside comes out a few men again.With fat police after beating voice hello block up at chafing dish store doorway.Don't let store inside ground the person go out, someone is outwardly crowded, hence they then and loudly shout who dare to go out who is a suspect, catch into the words of the type in the phlegmatic temperament.
A few leadership shape ground person also since the pack came out in, the facial expression is tiny smoked, one face is tiny strict.The fat police respectully beat voice hello with them, circumstance in a brief 1 time.Then a group of people take attendant in the store readies to of flashlight, walk over there on the scene to the trouble.
When a group of people sees this lie is them on the ground the pack comes out in of brigade nephew Ren, a complexion mutually Qu.The facial expression dark of a man with tall and big in stature shape squatted down body to explore the breath of exploring the nephew, then pull and drag his clothes, take off he a ground of way of being completely naked, shouting:"It is quick.Help him the Ai body with snow."
These people also respond to come over and understand this time if lift the warm place to him is a dead end.A squatted down body.By hand hold last snow of hitting the ground.Madly rub on monkey ground.
When the whole bodies of monkey are all rubbed by them of whole body the red is hot, monkey just the ground of You You opened eyes.The lips are dry and cracked, the ears all froze son, shout a way:"Jiu-
A words didn't finish saying, the person fainted again.
Hence a group of persons fluster ground to wear clothes for him again, then will he the package ground tightly send toward hospital.
A dumpy middle age walks to the tall and big in stature man nearby, claps his shoulder and says:"Is really how unreasonable, unexpectedly someone dares to openly challenge the Jing duty personnel's dignity and uses the means of such cruelty in back ground.Old must find back a murderer to me.Matter this time I write for your load."
The one face of tall and big in stature man appreciates and says:"Many thanks to ten thousand bureaus.Thank.I am certain to check this legal case water rockslide, will openly challenge our Jing duty the personnel break the social remnant of social stability to find out.After getting the bureau chief's order, the tall and big in stature man took several inferiorities to re- return to a chafing dish store, the facial expression scathingly swept floor up of gastronome's one eye, loudly say:"BE who?The best darling ground gives me the station to come out.Is frank from the breadth, if dare to resist of words----Hum.Today if don't give° this affair to check water rockslide, a persons didn't want to walk.Can provide clues certainly, our police station will heavily have a prize."
The boss's wife of chafing dish store wants to come forward to speak a few lines good words, hesitated several times and finally had never dared to go up.See one eye leaf autumn, slightly sighed tone.
Chen Mo Nong saw an eye a leaf an autumn, don't utter a word.But from the pocket in took out a cellular phone.The autumn of the leaf is also lazy to take care of him, although Chen Jia cannot compares with Su Hang's four greatest households,is also the household of Chen Hang real strenght parties, and washes a parties after this right to land dint, Chen Jia's real strenght greatly increases.Deal with these bit parts, return is really some problems to all have no.
Otherly the gastronome hears could not check backstage really be fierce to them to leave some exasperations, don't dare to toward stem with police again, all using of a suggests flavor very and thickly look in the eyes to looking at a leaf for autumn.After all.That monkey is he takes out to go to of.
Is severals first, then is 1 flock, the last house owners all looking at a leaf in autumn, the criminal police brigade of gold water area public security official's branch office captain Zheng Lei also noticed a leaf autumn.He has no directly and asks a leaf for autumn, but points at in front a be dressed in the feather Rong takes of the man ask a way:"You know or not is who do ground?"

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