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"Really don't know?If you fail to report the facts, that is to intentionally wrap Pi offense.Want to serve prison term."Zheng Lei intimidation way.
"I really don't know.I just-see him and that young man go out together."
"Which young man?"Zheng Lei forces to ask a way.
"He."The feather Rong took a man to point leaf autumn.
Zheng Lei greatly treads to walk over there to the leaf autumn.When up and down conjecturing him was 1 time, is about to speak up.In front but suddenly many a women.On seeing in the past, felt that his/her own heart palpitates seemed to leak to jump quite a few rhythm, untidy.Just had been staring at a leaf the autumn see, didn't discover station at she after death woman.
Zheng Lei's lechery is greedy for a cup, the peacetime doesn't have resistibility to the beautiful woman.He this position is very and important, the this amusement city owner has no not to fawn on his.Even if the backstage is all-powerful.Will also make great effort to make a good relation with their these people.So, his wanting chemisette words was really too easy.Sometimes had fun much, also make people seek a female student to come over to taste fresh.
Tonight is his nephew to wait a guest to say to lately know a big girl to beautiful Su, then a group of persons create a big noise and wait a guest to make a phone call to make him come over.Unexpectedly this boy disappears a person back after rushing out and hears the outside threatenning a ground of voice to just know that he has an accident son.
Diligently move view to open from this beautiful chemisette face.Looking at a leaf to ask a way for autumn:"Have you ever gone out together with victim?"
"Victim?Who is a victim?"The autumn of the leaf smiles to ask a way.
"Do you still need to deny not to become?A lot of witnesses see you and the victim wait a guest to go out together."Zheng Lei some quick temper.He dislikes this guy that one face smiles idea ground town to settle a facial expression.
".Is the guy that claps to come to several hundred dollars to say to buy my girl friend?He says he is buy for his uncle, are you his uncle?"The autumn of the leaf suddenly realize asks a way.Eyes as if deep in thought the ground stare at Zheng Lei to conjecture.
Zheng Lei's facial expression is unexpectedly and so one Jiang, have never thought that bastard's boy have never hidden to block.Allow him at ordinary times a little more overbearing also nothing important, today but drive he fell in words handle.
Intentionally remind at the leaf autumn indeed as expected under, the ground in the house persons all transfer view to stare at Zheng Lei to see.
"Do not defend in a devious way.You go out with victim, why only does your a person come back?"Zheng Lei would not like to investigate on that topic and hurriedly transfer to open.
", He says to buy my girl friend.I opened price.He says he doesn't can make decision and ask him an uncle-----Isn't you exactly his uncle?He should seek you just right."The autumn of the leaf certainly understands him to beat what idea, which can make him fulfill a wish?
Zheng Lei's facial expression almost ability Ning water come, toward the person of under charge to wave hand to say:"Bring back inside in the bureau to him for me."
Pointed a few gastronomes again, said:"You also follow to record a statement in bureau."
The person whom those are picked out Ai voice hatred way, don't dare to blame a police to enforce the law, but can ascend hatred the hair is toward the leaf autumn body.
The autumn of the leaf is from the wallet in took out 200 dollars, cast away table top after, toward boss's wife to shout a way:"Owner.Cover up a list."
Then stretch hand to pull Chen Mo Nong's hand.Say:"It is sorry.We are very busy.Rush through time."
"Do you want to resist arrest?"
"Resist arrest?You with what catch me?Because I didn't sell to you to the girl friend, will you catch me?"
Zheng Lei's between the eyebrows keeps jumping.It is very anxious to one gun pulling out a gun to polish off this bastard.Always station beside of ten thousand bureau chiefs lightly sigh, this captain, is still too short of with those Diaos with an underworld property people's conflict experience.
Hence come forward an one step, own work certificate at leaf the autumn in front is clearly bright, say:"I am the vice- bureau chief of gold humidity bureau, you intentionally fabricate story to attackstone my excellent police from ground in bureau and influence very and bad.We want to take you to return to carry on thought again educate.And you involve to arrive to intentionally hurt case together, if you resist arrest, we can open fire on the spot."
", Are you that vice- bureau chief?Ha ha, I just still listenned to the monkey once speaking of you.He says that you wrapped more than ten sweethearts.He must help uncle to exceed you on the amount."The autumn of the leaf points at ten thousand bureau chiefs one face surprise the ground say.

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