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"Bring back."Ten thousand bureaus wave hand to say.
Two polices early could not got use to a leaf for autumn, a shoulder that stretches hand and then catches a leaf for autumn, leaf autumn once make an effort, he stumbles a few ground countermarches, bang ground one knocks down a table.That soup anticipated to immediately splash his whole body, hot of he keeps commutation.
These police live a comfortable life at ordinary times.Body all falsely.
Moreover a police sees a leaf so brave for autumn, and then backs back and touched two beer bottles from the table dynasty leaf the autumn rushed toward in the past, round the wine bottle for rising hadn't hit a leaf in the autumn head, he ground person already drive leaf autumn one feet fly for Chuai pass by.
Otherly the polices all greatly drink to shout loudly, but hesitate not to dare to come forward to begin.Just drank so much wine.Can stand firm a step Be getting more quite good, which can also come up to fight?
"Stop.Otherwise I died you."Zheng Lei says and then touches a guns from the bosom and draw back insurance to point at a leaf to roar a way for autumn.
The autumn of the leaf stretches hand a to explore, the that short fat boy of ten thousand bureau chiefs come over for Ju, the list hand holds his neck.Say with a smile:"I pour and see you to dare to open fire.I promise to you, as long as you open fire, definitely the dozen ground will be this fatty.Doesn't your letter believe?"
Zheng Lei of course not letter, but he if opened fire ground words, perhaps later this immediate superior will wear for his/her own small shoe.
"You know you is this what behavior?Resist arrest.Hold for ransom a government functionary.The few offenses combine to punish, you sit prison bottom to wear also not.Hurriedly give°ed ten thousand bureaus to put, I also considered saying feeling for you to law court."Zheng Lei righteously says.
The autumn of the leaf squints Jing to looking at him and says with a smile:"This kind of words cheat child, do you feel that I will believe?"
"All give me away with it."While making ground to get into a hot dispute in chafing dish store.One roared loud a voice to ring at the door.
Zheng Lei Yi turns a head, see a group of persons flowing out to come in.There is casual wear, also have already been dressed in the police whom the Jing takes.
In front a person, Zheng Lei, knows, is a ground stone pair in city bureau bureau chief.Does he take a brigade to run stem what this time?
When Zheng Lei faced to come forward to go, was just wanting to compete first make collective report an at present circumstance toward him, stone pair bureau chief but toward Chen Mo Nong face in the past, say with a smile:"The Mo is thick, long time no see.Return to Su Hang how don't see uncle Shi as well?"
Stone pair bureau chief after receiving Chen Mo Nong's telephone take a person to rush through to come over.Front a words block up a car.The others has to leave a car to on foot rush through to the this place.
Although don't know to lead why so hasty to this place rush through to come over.But the leaderships all run road on the ground and do inferiority of which still don't devote a catty to make an effort?Say again.Ability the heel lead to run together is also grow honor.
So these people arrived of time, a s all pant noisily, the person of chafing dish store has never heard as well police car to blare whistle ground voice.
"Sorry uncle Shi has some favour recently."Chen Mo Nong politely exchanges greeting with him.
The stone pair the bureau chief is master's son build up of relation, he cans make a , this position up, Chen Jia lifts a hand to a lot.Just the frustrate of recent situation of Chen Jia was really many some, the household influence also falls a little bit lowest in the history.Especially master's son then broke contact after suddenly passing away.
Chen Jia is subjected to a benefit after Guo Jia falls from power this time, the real strenght is greatly increment.Just led long to be online with these people afresh again.
See 2 people intimate reserved appearance, Zheng Lei Lian is getting greener, ten thousand bureau chief the part Wu wear throat a cough to simultaneously want to explain, the tearses coughing all came out, there was heart to explain some kind of or hurriedly let Zheng Lei, this disaster star to humane Qian, but a words also can not say it.
Otherly the customer looking at a leaf for autumn and Chen Mo Nong's look in the eyes envy and wish no wonder that 2 people don't be these police to return to matter son thus and originally have tougher backstage.

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